How Small Are We? (Planets, Stars and Galaxies)

This is my seventh video about the size of our universe. Here, the size of the well-known objects from our night sky are compared to each other.

There are still some inaccuracies/mistakes, please watch my newer video. This particular video is also an amateur video. The video was mostly made somewhere in 2011.

175 thoughts on “How Small Are We? (Planets, Stars and Galaxies)

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  18. That’s quite a bold claim, but, unfortunately, there’s very little evidence to back it up. When you really look objectively at the evidence, it becomes clear that people are making most of the circles, but as I say at the end of the vid, that is not the end of the mystery. There is, in my view, another element at work and there is still a small % of circles that remain unexplained. The one at 3.27 in the vid, for eg, has a v unusual lay and appeared in a 30min window one morning!

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